My Global World Education Group

My Global World Education Group is an international education provider operating all over the globe. MGWEG comprises several academies that collaborate through direct ownership or partnerships with local and international institutions in the education industry.

The following schools are part of My Global World Education Group:

  • International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS), Zurich, Switzerland
  • Business School of Scandinavia, Denmark
  • La Xenia International Institute of Switzerland, Obwalden, Switzerland
  • Business, Hospitality & Language School (BHLS), Phuket, Thailand
  • Business & Hospitality School of Switzerland (BHSS), Lucerne, Switzerland
  • University, Hawaii, USA

Since 2000, MGWEG has been committed to providing quality education to its students and partners worldwide.

MGWEG provides open access to innovative learning methods and concepts, fostering an international education experience for our students.

MGWEG academies offer students flexible study options, utilizing multiple languages and acquiring practical knowledge, thereby enhancing their career opportunities.

For more information please visit the My Global World Education Group website:

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