Why Study with International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS)?

We Care

One of our core values which we take pride in is that we care. We care about our students and their future. We can help our students with almost everything – visa, accommodation, airport pickup, tours, meals, internship, scholarship, part-time job & etc.  Furthermore, we care that we can offer them quality education. We save no energy or effort, to help our students to enable their experience in Switzerland to be as fruitful and as memorable as possible.

Our Programs are Integrated with Real Life Industrial Needs

Learning should be conducted as closely integrated with real-life needs as possible. Whether our students want to become business owners, managers or front line employees, IBAS combines teaching with real-life experiences in as many parts of the programs as possible.

Unique Teaching Methods

We adopt teaching methods often used in short course training such as active gaming, role play, interactive materials – all to secure that learning is fun. We also wherever possible cultivate action learning, by combining classroom training with work in real jobs integrated into the school program.

Many schools today combine business simulation e.g. running a shop, a hotel or restaurant into classroom learning. We go the extra mile and let our students run a real-life business.

We believe that when individuals are taken seriously, they will in turn take their own actions more seriously. Such is the rationale to foster learning in real-life situations under a controlled environment.

Attractive & Convenient Location

We are based in Switzerland which offers many leisure activities such as skiing, ice skating, hiking, swimming, and many more. From our school it is easy to take weekend trips to at least five different cities including Geneva, Milan, and Paris. In addition, Italy, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, and Austria are borders to Switzerland. Therefore, it is very easy to visit a lot of different countries within a short period of time. This allows our students to utilize their free time in many different ways and experience Europe to its fullest.