Social Responsibility

At International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS), we believe social responsibility is a key factor in operating our educational institution.

social responsibility

Our Social Responsibility for …

Our Students

Due to Covid-19, the owners of International Business Academy of Switzerland will assist our students in overcoming financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 situation by lowering tuition fees for the next 2 years.

  • To provide our students with the highest quality of education, training, and internships.
  • To provide scholarships both partially- and fully-funded for students with special skills or special needs.
  • To provide a safe learning environment by an absolute no harassment/discrimination policy.
  • To ensure sustainable development and sustainable living is understood by students on our campus.

Our Student’s Parent

  • To provide a high quality of education and internships for their children/wards.
  • To respect the investment made for their children’s future.

Our Staff

  • To provide our staff with all required resources to teach, manage and support our students at the highest quality to fulfill the curriculum and learning outcomes.
  • To provide our staff with all the required training and education to keep our programs innovative and up-to-date with the latest teaching methodology available.
  • To ensure sustainable development and sustainable living is understood by staff on our campus.

The Ministry of Education and other related Accrediting Organisations/Councils

  • To abide by the rules, regulations and quality standards set by the organisations.
  • To provide quality education for our students based on global accreditation standards.

Our Community & Environment

  • Through operating IBAS to provide income to various companies and organizations in the community.
  • To ensure Switzerland’s strict environment and legal framework is embedded in the operational culture at IBAS.

The Business Industry

  • To provide highly qualified students during internships.
  • To provide highly qualified graduates to work, support and be agents of change for the future of the business industry.
  • To support the business industry with being involved in research, participating in business industry events and other initiatives.