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During our 20 years of working in the education field we had been asked thousands of questions.

Here are some of the most repeated and important questions.

Do students need a residence permit if they already have a visa?2021-05-05T06:20:39+00:00

Within 14 days of your arrival in Switzerland, you must register with the local authorities to apply for a residence permit. Please note that you must have a residence permit for the time you are studying in Switzerland. The Student Visa is only a permit to grant entry into the country.

Is it compulsory to buy insurance when studying in Switzerland? Can students buy the insurance policy from their own country?2021-05-05T06:24:18+00:00

Insurance is a must and is compulsory for all students who study in Switzerland. Insurance must cover the entire duration of their study in Switzerland. It is compulsory in Switzerland due to its own policies and benefits depending on the individual. Insurance purchased in student home countries may not be recognized in Switzerland.

How long does it take to apply for a student visa in Switzerland?2021-06-29T09:37:04+00:00

It usually takes 2-3 months for a visa to be processed and issued, as the Swiss Embassy in your country is only responsible for receiving applications and interviews. The Swiss Embassy does not have the authority to process and grant a student visa. The visa application will be sent to the immigration office of the canton where the applicant is located (in this case, Zurich). The immigration office will review the full application and contact the school to verify candidate information. In some cases, the immigration officer may require additional documents from the candidate, in such cases the visa process will take longer.

Can a dependent join the student to stay in Switzerland?2021-06-29T09:38:48+00:00

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to have dependents with them in Switzerland.

What are the full requirements for applying for a student visa?2021-06-29T09:40:08+00:00

The visa requirements are different from one country to another. The best way for you is to contact the Swiss Embassy in your country and they will give you a list of all the required documents.

Do students need a bank statement for student visa and if yes, what is the amount and duration of time students have to hold in their bank account? What is the guideline? Can a third party show his/her bank statement on behalf of the student?2021-06-29T09:43:59+00:00

Yes, students need to show a bank account statement. The statement should be for a minimum period of 3 months, please refer to the Swiss Embassy website for the correct information. The account should have a minimum of 21,000 Swiss Franc. A third party cannot show a bank account statement along with a sponsor letter on behalf of the student.

In the additional, Zurich immigration demands that the bank statement must be from an international bank that has a branch in Switzerland such as HSBC, Citibank …

In case of visa rejection, do I get a refund?2021-06-29T09:45:21+00:00

In case of visa rejection, IBAS will refund fees (conditions apply).

Students will get a 100% refund for the tuition / accommodation fees only.

Application and admission fees are not refundable under any circumstances.


IBAS must check all documents before you submit the documents for the visa applications. This is the same rule for each year when visas are renewed.

If immigration declares any documents are fake IBAS has the right to reduce or fully reject any refunds.

Will I get help to find suitable accommodation?2021-06-29T09:47:27+00:00

IBAS can assist students in finding suitable accommodation.

What kind of internships are offered?2021-06-29T09:48:43+00:00

Internships are jobs related to the student’s field of study, for example; if a student studies Hospitality they will practice at restaurants and hotels.

Are there any accommodation assistance for students during their internship?

Depending on the internship placement, most students in Hospitality fields are supported with accommodation during their internship period. However, there are some places/companies where accommodation fees will be deducted from their wages based on the agreement between both parties. If the internship placement is in the city centre, most students will have to pay for their own accommodation.

How much is the salary for an internship in Switzerland?2021-06-29T09:53:21+00:00

The type of job and salary varies depending on the student’s qualification, past experiences and language skills.

During the holidays students can earn higher salary due to the increase in employment opportunities.

For the internship: Most interns in the Hospitality field will receive a wage of CHF2200-3000 per month. Students can earn higher wages depending on the capability of the student and the internship. Most internships in business areas are only paid if students have a significant level of German.

When are IBAS intakes?2021-06-29T09:52:07+00:00

IBAS has 2 main intakes in February and September and 2 soft intakes in May and November. Please check Important Dates for more information.

What are the processing fees?2021-06-29T09:49:24+00:00

The registration and processing fees is a fee most universities ask for in order to secure students’ commitment to enroll and to cover some administrative cost such as processing of the application, evaluation of academic results, postal costs, phone calls, etc. Our application fee is CHF 500 and it’s non-refundable.

After visa approval, the Canton of Zurich has a CHF registration fee which has to be paid by each student to IBAS.

What is the medium of teaching?2021-06-29T09:54:18+00:00

The medium of teaching is English and the curriculum is British/Swiss.

Any accreditation for the program?2022-12-09T14:34:15+00:00

The program is accredited by prestigious awarding bodies in Europe.

  • ATHE – the reputable awarding body in business administration education from the UK.
  • EduQua – the Swiss quality organisation that certifies that a quality management system has been developed and implemented in IBAS.
  • The following business programs at International Business Academy of Switzerland are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs:
    • General MBA (1 year)
    • Specialized MBA (2 years)
    • Doctorate of Business Administration

International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS) is an Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education.

Who provides the program?2021-06-29T09:56:13+00:00

International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS) is a proud member of My Global World (MGW) group. The academy specializes in Business & Management programs and it is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

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